Avocado Studies // Watercolour and graphite vs watercolour and ink

A little experiment with a simple subject matter, the humble but super healthy avocado fruit. A lot of people believe the majority of my work is made with watercolour and ink, yet this is not the case as I usually don't use any ink. So! I thought I would give ink a go - here is a comparison showing the two techniques on different illustrations of the same subject. 

Here is my regular go-to technique, simply graphite and watercolour:

And below are more avocado studies, this time using watercolour and ink:

I really enjoyed using the ink with my watercolour - surprisingly it is also a little quicker to complete than my usual graphite and watercolour technique. It does seem to create a different overall look to the illustration, perhaps a more fun, sketchy vibe than the traditional, more polished feel the graphite exudes. I will definitely continue to experiment with more watercolour + ink illustrations.

Do you have a favourite out of the two styles? Let me know your preference in the comments! :) 

 Artwork (C) Amy Holliday 2015. Please do not use without permission. 

Radio Times // BBC Proms 2015: The First Night of the Proms

I was very excited to be asked by Radio Times magazine to illustrate "the first night of the Proms" which was due to air on BBC Radio 3 on Friday. I came up with a number of various designs, compositions and colour schemes before a favourite was selected. I drew inspiration from the page's purple colour scheme and incorporated this into the illustration. Drawing the Royal Albert Hall and classical instruments provided an interesting change to the norm. :)  This work was commissioned via my agent, Lemonade, who very kindly sent me a copy of the issue featuring my work.

Cancer Treatment Centres of America // Cancer Fighters Thrive Magazine: A Place to Call Home

My work is featured in this month's "Cancer Fighters Thrive" magazine! A quarterly magazine distributed by Cancer Treatment Centres of America. The magazine is designed to inform and empower cancer patients, their friends and families. 

I was asked to illustrate the article "A Place to Call Home" which discusses ways in which patients make their stay at the centres more homely. After reading the article I submitted lots of idea sketches. The favourites were then selected and painted for the final illustrations. This was a very lovely and enjoyable commission.

See all of my illustrations added to the work section and read the article online here

Super Vegetables // Broccoli & Sugar Snap Peas

I've been so busy lately working on quite a few projects, but unfortunately I'm not able to share any of the work just yet - but that's no excuse to neglect my blog. As always I'm still working on few personal projects when I have time to spare. One of them being new vegetable studies. Here is broccoli and sugar snap peas. Both absolutely delicious and superheroes when it comes to nutrition. Let me know what you think! 

Artwork (C) Amy Holliday 2015. Do not use without permission.

Happy New Year of the...Sheep! (Or Ram or Goat!)

Two very sheepish pieces I had an urge to finish last week. The first being quite realistic in its colour palatte, with the second being more experimental - possibly influenced just a smidge by old Chinese art. Either way, I had fun with both!



Q&A :: Fruit Illustrations

A brief little Q&A I answered this morning in reference to my fruit illustrations.

1. What inspired you?
Lots of things seem to come together to influence and inspire me to create artwork for different reasons. One such thing is the stunning intricacy of botanical art and how the artists can capture the beauty (and sometimes weirdness) of nature. With my fruit illustrations, botanical art has influenced me but I find that I am inspired by the fruits themselves - so colourful, juicy and delicious! I try to capture this in my artwork.

2. What materials do you use?

To make my drawings, I use a mixture of pencils. I change between a broader, softer lead weight for softer or fluffier textures and a very fine lead for the detail. To add colour, I love to use watercolour paints. I mainly use brushes but sometimes if something needs a certain texture I will try painting with different tools to obtain it, eg, sponge, tissue, leaves, feathers. 

3. How long have you been doing art?

I've been drawing, painting and crafting since I can remember! I think I showed a keen interest and my parents have always really encouraged it by teaching me new things and suggesting new ideas to try. 

4. How do you get the best images (do you use a pen to outline)?

To get the most out of my illustrations, I do like to highlight special details with small amounts of mixed media such as darker pencils, acrylic paint, fine-liner pens and ink.

5. What do you most enjoy doing in art?

I enjoy drawing animals the most! They have so much character and each animal has a different personality. Like people, but more interesting (haha) :)

New year. New Site. New blog!

Hello everyone, welcome to my brand new website and blog. I hope you agree its an improvement on my previous site! Hopefully now it will be much easier for you all to navigate and have a gander at all of my up-to-date doodles. I hope you enjoy the new layout - please let me know what you think.

I'll still update at my Blogger blog too (I'm greedy like that) so anyone who follows me there won't miss out. 

From a very wet and windy Cumbria... off to make new art!